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Only manufacturers of portable objects and SAM must purchase a licence

A Calypso user (transit operator, regional authority, etc.) do not have to buy a licence, or to pay any fee.

If you are a user, you might find the right solution for your needs by contacting other Calypso users. In this case, please contact Calypso Network Association.

The manufacturers of chips, cards and SAM have either:
• To be a license holder and pay the corresponding royalties to be able to manufacture and sell Calypso compliant products.
• To buy OEM products from a license holder.

To date, more than 40 manufacturers (chip manufacturers for cards and terminals, ticketing integrators, software mask developers for secured microprocessor cards…) from 11 countries, offer Calypso compliant products.

License for chip manufacturers
This licence allows the use of the ISO 14443 B Patents for components and the use of these patents by the equipments using the licensed components. This license does not include the Application patents family, which is necessary only if the card software utilizes the Session or Ratification patented technology.

License for Calypso card manufacturers
Card manufacturers need a license for the Calypso specifications and Application Patents (the ISO 14443 contactless patents family is not necessary when using licensed components).
To be able to rapidly supply Calypso cards, it is possible to additionally take a licence for Masked Components that allows an access to the CD97-BX and/or the CD Light masked components.

Calypso terminal manufacturers do not need a license
The liense for terminal is included in the Calypso SAM.

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