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The access to a proven technology for manufacturers

Innovatron currently markets two licenses:

Contactless Patents
Disclose technologies used by the ISO/IEC 14443B standard, and by other contactless protocols.

The Contactless Patents are mainly of concern to chip manufacturers, since the contactless management is now integrated in their components.
The contactless components being manufactured under license for these patents, all other manufacturing companies, integrators and users utilizing these contactless components are not concerned by the patents: they may manufacture, integrate, use the components without knowledge of the patents, without taking any license nor paying any fee for them.
For example, a card embedding company buying these components may freely manufacture and sell cards including these components.
For example, a terminal manufacturer buying these components may freely manufacture and sell readers including these components

Application Patents and Calypso Technology
Disclose technologies used by the Calypso specifications for smartcard, and in other microprocessor smartcard applications.

The Application Patents are related to microprocessor smartcard transactions using the patented technology.
The Calypso specifications describe in details the operation of Calypso portable objects and their cryptography.

This license is mainly of concern to microprocessor chip and card manufacturers.

Note that terminal and reader manufacturers, integrators and users utilizing readers and cards do not need to take a license nor pay any fee for them.
For example a system integrator manufacturing terminals from OEM contactless readers, and selling cards bought to a card manufacturer, may freely manufacture and sell terminals and cards.

Card manufacturers can have a quick access to the market by embedding masked components developped by Calypso or a component from a licensee such as the CD21 from STMicroelectronics.

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The Calypso Card Specification